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So I remember about 20 years ago when I was a beginner guitar player, going online and trying to find out which electric guitar I should get and being completely overwhelmed by all of the options that were out there. Now, unfortunately, in the early 2000s, Blogging wasn’t a thing, so I had to spend a few years  trying to figure that stuff out.

So, today’s blog is gonna be the video I wish I could have read when I was trying to figure out which guitar type was right for me.Let’s take a look at the basic electric guitar types. So when it comes to body style, there’s three main types.

The first, most common, and the one you’re probably looking at that is what’s called a solid body electric guitar. Solid body guitars come in all shapes and sizes and different wood types.  Now, the next most common type is gonna be what’s called a semi hollow guitar. Now, semi-holos are kind of a mixture of a solid body and a hollow body, which we’ll talk about in a second. This guitar type has a solid block of wood down the middle of the body  with two hollow chambers on either side. And last but not least, we have the hollow body. Now, like the name suggests, these are guitars whose body construction is completely hollow, almost like an acoustic guitar. There’s no center block of wood anywhere in this body, But, like an acoustic guitar, these are incredibly loud and resonant, and that sound and that  resonance comes through the pickups and out of the amplifier, giving these guitars a more sort of warm, resonant, and almost woody sound.

Now, hollow body guitars like this Black Falcon here are amazing. They look fantastic, and they’re great for certain styles of music like jazz, for example. But they do have one major drawback, and that is if you plan on playing this loud with  with an amplifier, they’re going to feedback. They’re a lot more prone to that howling, screeching feedback because the guitar resonates so easily. With semi-hollow and solid body guitars, feedback is much less of an issue.

I am gonna teach you the fundamentals of fun guitar in three different styles, from a Meters style to a James Brown style  to a Nile Rodgers style. You’re gonna be playing with a real band.The nut at the end of the neck. And on fenders and gibsons, they’re different.

Fenders have a longer scale length, generally speaking, of 25 and a half inches, whereas Gibsons, generally speaking, have a shorter scale length of 24 and three quarter inches.  Now that leads to a pretty big difference in the playability and the feel of these two style of guitars.

Longer scale instruments like the Fender here Let’s say you’re a player with smaller hands or someone who might wanna play faster. Speed is the name of your game. Then you might think about going with a guitar  that has a shorter, maybe Gibson style scale length. Or if you’re like me, you have bigger hands and don’t mind a little more string tension, a Fender style scale length might be your bag. It’s an important thing to think about, but it shouldn’t make or break your decision on your next guitar type.  So when we’re talking about the sound of an electric guitar, I think the pickups have the biggest impact and the type of pickup and how it’s built and where it’s placed on the guitar have a huge impact on the voice of the guitar.

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