15 Guitar Myths That Make Us All Look CRAZY!

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The guitar world is ripe with myths and misconceptions that not only misguide beginners but also sometimes give seasoned players a chuckle. These myths can range from the bizarre to the slightly plausible, yet they persist in making us all look a bit crazy. Let’s debunk these myths and set the record straight, enhancing both understanding and skill among guitarists.

The Top 15 Guitar Myths Debunked

1. More Expensive Guitars Always Sound Better

Reality: While expensive guitars often use higher quality materials, the best sounding guitar often comes down to how well it suits the player and the music.

2. Old Strings Are Better for Tone

Reality: Old strings can lose their intonation and become dull-sounding. Fresh strings can make a huge difference in sound clarity and tonal quality.

3. You Must Have Long Fingers to Play Guitar Well

Reality: Finger length has little to do with ability. Technique and practice are far more important.

4. Electric Guitars Are Easier to Play Than Acoustic Guitars

Reality: Electric guitars might have lighter strings, but ease of play depends more on the setup and personal comfort with the instrument.

5. You Can’t Play Good Music on a Cheap Guitar

Reality: Skill level and practice are what enable musicians to produce good music, not solely the cost of their instruments.

6. Guitars Don’t Need Regular Maintenance

Reality: Like any other instrument, guitars require regular maintenance to ensure they perform their best.

7. A Capo Is a Cheat Device

Reality: A capo is a tool that can change the key of the guitar quickly, useful in many professional music scenarios.

8. Tone Woods Don’t Affect Electric Guitar Sound

Reality: Although the electric guitar’s sound is heavily influenced by its electronics, the wood can still subtly affect the tone and resonance.

9. The Heavier the Guitar, the Better the Tone

Reality: Weight is not a reliable indicator of tone quality. Tone depends on many factors including construction and design.

10. Playing Guitar Will Hurt Your Fingers Forever

Reality:Initial discomfort is common, but with regular play, your fingers become conditioned and the pain subsides.

11. You Need to Read Music to Play Guitar Well

Reality:Many successful guitarists play by ear or with tablature. While reading music is helpful, it is not a requirement.

12. Simpler Music Means Easier Guitar Parts

Reality:Simplicity in music doesn't always equate to easy guitar parts. Dynamics and emotional expression can be challenging.

13. You Should Learn Acoustic Before Electric

Reality:There is no correct order to learning different types of guitars. Choose based on your musical preference.

14. All Guitars Sound the Same

Reality:Every guitar has its unique characteristics and qualities, even among the same models.

15. Famous Guitarists Don’t Make Mistakes

Reality:Everyone makes mistakes. Professional musicians practice relentlessly and even then, imperfections can happen during performances.


By debunking these common guitar myths, we can approach our practice and performances with a clearer understanding and greater confidence. Remember, knowledge and skill are key in music—not superstition or exaggerated myths.

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Armed with the truth, every guitarist can make more informed decisions about their instruments and their music, ensuring that their talents and passions are not limited by myths.

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