The Pentatonic Tricks Every Pro Uses

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The pentatonic scale is a staple in the toolkit of guitarists across genres, from blues and rock to jazz and beyond. Professional guitarists have long relied on several key tricks within the pentatonic scale to enhance their solos and overall guitar play. This article explores those essential pentatonic tricks that every pro uses to create dynamic and memorable music.

1. Bending

  • Technique: Strategic bends can add a vocal-like quality to pentatonic solos, making notes soar with emotion. Pros often bend from one pentatonic note to another, creating a smooth, flowing sound.

2. Sliding

  • Technique: Sliding between pentatonic positions not only helps in navigating the fretboard efficiently but also adds a sleek, fluid sound to licks and riffs.

3. Use of Octaves

  • Technique: Playing the same note in different octaves is a trick used to expand the sonic range of the pentatonic scale, providing a fuller sound.

4. Sequencing

  • Technique: Pros often break up the pentatonic scale into sequences or patterns, which can be repeated to create rhythmic motifs that are both catchy and musically engaging.

5. Hybrid Picking

  • Technique: This involves using a pick and fingers simultaneously, allowing for a quicker, more intricate manipulation of pentatonic notes, especially beneficial in genres like country and rockabilly.

6. Double Stops

  • Technique: Incorporating two notes played simultaneously within the scale can add a layer of complexity and richness to solos, providing a harmonic depth.

7. Ghost Bends

  • Technique: Bending a note before striking it, then releasing it to the original pitch while playing, adds an element of surprise and expression to pentatonic solos.

Applying These Techniques

Practice Routine

Develop a structured practice routine incorporating these techniques. Begin slowly, focusing on the accuracy and feel of each technique before increasing speed.

Listen and Learn

Study solos by professional guitarists known for their pentatonic prowess. Analyze how they incorporate these tricks into their play.


Once comfortable, start experimenting with combining multiple techniques within your solos. This will not only enhance your flexibility but also your creativity on the fretboard.


Mastering these pentatonic tricks will significantly enhance your guitar solos, making them more expressive and impactful. Whether you’re jamming with friends or performing on stage, these techniques will elevate your guitar playing and help you sound like a pro.

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Embrace these professional tricks to transform your approach to the pentatonic scale and discover a new level of musical expression on your guitar.

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