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Honest Reviews Part#2 (Makeyourownrhythm)

Today we’re going to take four different gauges of acoustic guitar strings and play them back to back to back on the same guitar so you can finally answer the question what is the difference in tone between string gauge.On to the ultimate string gauge comparison. So what we have is a Gibson J45. Sick of spruce top, mahogany back and sides, classic guitar. Now what we’re gonna do is we’re  gonna take a set of extra light strings, a set of custom light strings, a set of light strings, strings, and a set of medium strings. All the same brand, thank you folks at D’Addario, all the same material, Phosphor Bronze, but different gauge. And we’re going to play them  back to back to back, so we can give you the ultimate string comparison.

Now, we’re hoping that you notice some tonal differences between the very light gauge on up to the medium gauge. There are some trade-offs though. On the light gauge you get a bunch of sustain, very nice clarity, great high end, but you  lack a little bit of volume. As you graduate up the line to the medium gauge strings, you’re going to gain more volume, But the sustain is going to diminish just a little bit So let’s give these four string sets a play on the same guitar so you can hear the difference

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