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Does string gauge really affect guitar tone? Well,Put 13s on your guitar and that affected how much your fingers hurt.

Honest Reviews Part #1 (Make Your Own Rhythm)

It did I think make me play differently which in turn affected my guitar tone I don’t know if the strings themselves can necessarily change the tone, but the timbre of the notes. I think most definitely changes so what I’m gonna do is Put on the lightest guitar string gauge of all time. Sevens. I don’t think there are sixes, are there? I’d like to bend three whole steps. I bought two packs just in case I break a string.  But let’s find out. Are seven gauge strings even worth playing or is it just a gimmick? Feels like nothing. All right. This is like thinner than dental floss. Let’s uh, let’s see what a seven gauge string sounds like All right, seems like this happens to me every time I try something new run into a slight issue the seven gauge string is  not strong enough to push this little locking tuning mechanism out of the way. it’s supposed to just go through and kind of push the little lock downward so it can fit through. It’s hard to explain but if you have locking tuners you know what I mean. It’s just not going through so I  to find a way to unlock this locking tuner enough to feed this noodle of a string through. I think what I’m going to try is push it through with the E string, the heavier E string. And this is basically going to open the little gateway as you can see it’s coming through.  So now I’m going to use that as a decoy to get my seven gauge through there and we have a success. There we go. Oh, an E string helping an E string, that’s what you will like to hear. All right, let’s tune up and hear what a seven gauge string set sounds like.  Even that feels weird. normally what these strings are like playing themselves..

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